October 9, 2017:

World News Review is a upcoming world news website. I’m currently testing the website out. What is on the website now will be deleted and revert back to an UNDER CONSTRUCTION page. I am testing RSS feeds from the BBC , RT and REUTERS. There are bugs I have to work out so I’m temporary making the website live to see how it functions over the next 24 hours. When the the testing period is over I will shut the site down again to work on the website more.


October 11, 2017:

The test period was very useful. The website updated automatically and most of the time pictures were posted as well. There are still things that I’d like to change before putting the site “On-The-Air”. On thing is I would like to have Technology posts go to the “TECHNOLOGY” page, right now it is blank with the technology post simply going to the Technology category. I also would like to have a slider for the latest 4 posts on the site. I may have to try and design a WordPress theme to achieve that. I’m going to leave the website up for the time being but I disabled the RSS feeds that I have been using, so the website won’t be updating for now. That is all I have to say right now. It looks like it is going to rain and I have to buy some groceries. It sucks not having a car!