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Portugal and Spain wildfires: Dozens dead and injured

At least 31 people are dead in Portugal and three in Spain as dozens of wildfires spread.

Cairo named world’s ‘most dangerous’ city for women

As women around the world come forward with stories of sexual harassment, a report by the Thomson Reuters Foundation shows that Cairo is the world’s most dangerous megacity for women, and has become more perilous since the 2011 uprisings.

Iraqi forces seize Kirkuk governor’s office, lower Kurdish flag

Iraqi government forces captured the Kurdish-held city of Kirkuk on Monday, responding to a Kurdish vote on independence with a bold lightning strike that transforms the balance of power in the country.

Freak storm Ophelia hits Ireland, fatalities reported

Two people are reported to have died and thousands are without power as ex-hurricane Ophelia moves over Ireland. The storm was downgraded overnight, but authorities have issued a red alert as it made landfall.

Kirkuk: Iraqi government forces enter disputed city

Iraqi government forces enter disputed city of Kirkuk, residents say, weeks after Kurdish independence referendum

Bowe Bergdahl pleads guilty in desertion, misbehavior case

Bergdahl expressed doubts he would be able to receive a fair trial